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frequently asked questions

  • Can I work with you if I haven't had cancer?
    Absolutely!! While my primary focus is with breast cancer survivors, I can provide holistic life coaching to any demographic. My only stipulation is that you are ready to put in the work to make a positive change in your life!
  • How much do you charge?
    My rates vary greatly depending upon the level of support that is needed. VIP membership is $50/month and can be cancelled at any time. Group coaching packages start at $995, depending on the group and length of the program. Individual 1:1 coaching packages start at $2500, depending on the frequency of calls and length of the contract. If you are interested in any of my programs, I encourage you to book an initial call with me so we can determine which would be the best fit for you and your needs!
  • Do you accept health insurance?
    As of right now, health insurance plans do not cover health and wellness coaching (although that might be changing very soon!!). It is, however, considered a medical expense so you can use healthcare savings account or flexible spending accounts for coaching. Because insurance plans vary widely, I encourage you to be familiar with your personal plan.
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