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frequently asked questions

  • Can I work with you if I haven't had cancer?
    Absolutely!! While my primary focus is with breast cancer survivors, I can provide holistic life coaching to any demographic. My only stipulation is that you are ready to put in the work to make a positive change in your life!
  • How much does cancer coaching cost?
    My rates vary greatly depending upon the level of support that is needed. Individual packages start at $50/month and increase based on your needs and level of support.
  • Can cancer coaches accept health insurance?
    As of right now, health insurance plans do not cover health and wellness coaching (although that might be changing very soon!!). It is, however, considered a medical expense so you can use healthcare savings account or flexible spending accounts for coaching. Because insurance plans vary widely, I encourage you to be familiar with your personal plan.
  • Do I need a cancer coach?
    Every cancer patient and survivor deserves support. Your care team is there to provide you with the tools and treatments necessary to treat your cancer but they don't always have time to listen to your fears and concerns. With my background as a breast nurse navigator, I have the training and expertise to help explain the concepts that are difficult to understand, I have the time to truly LISTEN to your fears and concerns, and the personal experience to know exactly how you are feeling. As your cancer coach, I am simply another tool in your toolbox, in conjunction with your care team and your support system, to help you understand your treatment plan, and find healing and recovery after the blow of a breast cancer diagnosis.
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